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speaking of avril lavigne sometimes i forget that oda put one of her songs in the credits of a fuckin one piece movie


never forget

it gets better


oda drew her

Oda didn’t actually draw this, it’s a fan doing a very convincing imitation.  Still really funny though.

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zatch bell fanart

zatch bell fanart

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spicehiccup asked: is there any major significance as to why chose the name 'eden', or did it just sound cool?


eden is the place where everything was created, i wanted to make a blank slate randomly generated character with no established gender. the name eden felt like the perfect name for that character. 

"With no established gender"

And suddenly Binding of Isaac becomes the most popular game on tumblr.

I bet there are already like six Eden ask blogs created in the day since this was posted.

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Y’know what will never make sense to me like in zatch bell they’re like average people travelling around in order to make the demons king but really who has that kind of money like they’re flying everywhere wtf
Like some make sense but others like ???? Idk

Many of the main characters of Zatch Bell are rich.  Kiyo and Kafk aren’t but they have the help of Apollo, who is, Megumi and Folgore are famous singers, and Sherry was born into a rich family.  As for minor characters we don’t really know how often they travel.  Most of the enemies Zatch and Kiyo fight in the introductory arc are Japanese.  For everyone else, we don’t really know that they’re “flying everywhere” we only know that they got as far as Japan before being beaten by Zatch.  For the entire Faudo team it’s likely at least one of them has the money to pay for everyone else’s travel, since we don’t really know about any of those people.  Elle Chivas has paid travel as part of her job.  The only people who it’s kind of strange with are the kids, like Sauza and Elly.

But really if you can accept that everyone speaks the same language you can accept that everyone can get around.

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Meeting Kiyomaro

Pixiv ID: 17251311Member: お餅

There’s a lot more fanart then you’d think there is of a crap-ton of mamodo all together.  ZB has a lot of really dedicated fans.


Meeting Kiyomaro

Pixiv ID: 17251311
Member: お餅

There’s a lot more fanart then you’d think there is of a crap-ton of mamodo all together.  ZB has a lot of really dedicated fans.

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what if i made a sideblog titled “who remembers zatch bell” that’s just me reblogging every post in the zatch bell tag that’s “has anyone watched zatch bell”

I don’t want to burst your bubble here but


Though I still haven’t done it since my thought process from this post still persists, lol.  It’s gotta stop SOMETIME.

There has been an odd upturn in them lately though.  I wonder why?

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Here they come to f*ck sh*t up.

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“Pai Mei taught you the five point palm-exploding heart technique?”


Pai Mei taught you the five point palm-exploding heart technique?”

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Would anyone recommend Ushio and Tora to Zatch Bell fans?  I know Raiku was an assistant on it and that the manga has a similar monster-human dynamic, but is it similar to Zatch Bell in any other way?  Is it good?  No one ever really talks about it so I was wondering this.

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